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ACI Six Analog Average, Hi/Lo, Difference & Binary Conversion
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Full Description
The 6N1-ISO is a microprocessor controlled interface designed to provide maximum flexibility with a minimum of cost. With a variety of standard inputs the 6N1-ISO provides the user with the ability to interface several devices to the analog output. The 6N1-ISO can average two to six inputs, output the highest of two to six inputs, output the lowest of two to six inputs or output the difference of two inputs. Input ranges are jumper selectable and all modes and analog output are DIP switch selectable. Output signal is optically isolated from input signals. The 6N1-ISO also accepts up to 6 digital inputs (binary sequence) and outputs a proportional analog signal. The power output terminal can be used for power if the inputs are only contact closures. The 6N1-ISO is covered by ACI's two (2) Year Limited Warranty.
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