DWYR 4 oz bottle of red gage fluid, .826 sp. gr. Gage Fluid
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Full Description
Gage fluids in the 1 ounce size are furnished in unbreakable plastic dispenser type bottles. Larger sizes are supplied in plastic bottles with screw caps. CAUTION: Use only Dwyer fluids in Dwyer gages. Red Gage Fluid, .826 sp. gr., is the standard fluid for use in inclined manometers, type vertical manometers and all Dwyer gages using red fluid. Blue Gage Fluid, 1.910 sp. gr. For special instruments and Mark II Models 26 and 28. Fluorescein Green Color Concentrate, water coloring agent. Not to be used full strength. Add 3/4 oz to a quart of distilled water. Contains a wetting agent to improve the meniscus characteristics. Use in vertical manometers only.
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