Announcing the new Johnson Controls® Venturi Valve and Fume Hood Controls product families
On April 9, 2018 Johnson Controls® acquired Triatek, a leading manufacturer of critical environment controls systems and lighting control panels.
We are excited to announce the immediate availability of the Johnson Controls Venturi Valve product family based on the legacy and proven Triatek design. Venturi Valves (Figure 1) are a critical component of laboratory and healthcare controls systems powered by Johnson Controls.
Similar to dampers or VAV boxes, Venturi Valves meter the flow of air. However, to meet the speed, accuracy, and leakage constraints of typical critical spaces, such as, laboratories and operating rooms, Johnson Controls Venturi Valves have the following unique features and benefits:
• Factory calibration across a wide range of static pressures, either medium (0.6 inWC to 3 inWC) or low (0.3 inWC to 3 inWC)
• True pressure-independent design that leverages a spring-loaded plunger to provide immediate response to changes in duct static pressure to maintain proper airflow
• Factory-mounted, fast-acting actuators that provide full-stroke control in fewer than three seconds
• Multiple valve material and coating options, including aluminum (standard), 316 stainless steel, or Heresite-coated aluminum (Figure 2)
• Ganged (multiple valve) configurations for handling higher cfm (Figure 3)

The Johnson Controls HMS Fume Hood Controls family provides full control of fume hoods in laboratories, educational facilities, pharmacies, and other critical spaces. Paired with Johnson Controls Venturi Valves, the HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller (Figure 4) enables BACnet control of fume hoods and includes the following industry-leading features:
• Safety Halo™: a glowing, color-coded edge lighting that provides 180° of status visibility
• User-friendly touchscreen with intuitive menus and graphics
• Sash sensor and optional side-wall sensor for true closed-loop fume hood control

Figure 1: Johnson Controls Venturi Valve (single, aluminum)



Figure 2: Johnson Controls Venturi Valve (single, coated)



Figure 3: Johnson Controls Venturi Valve (ganged, aluminum)



Figure 4: Johnson Controls HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller



The Johnson Controls Venturi Valve acts as a natural extension by leveraging a factory-mounted and pre-wired Universal Valve Module (UVM), which contains all of the linearization data unique to each valve. The UVM (Figure 5) enables full Venturi Valve control through an analog output from a Field Equipment Controller (FEC) or Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller (FAC).

Multiple UVMs can be wired together before they are wired back to a field controller, providing a single summed position feedback and minimizing the need for costly larger controllers or Input/Output Expansion Modules (IOMs).

Each Johnson Controls Venturi Valve comes with a pre-wired UVM ready to accept control from any Metasys field controller. Johnson Controls has also developed a standard Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) file to assist in the programming of laboratories and other critical spaces.

Figure 5: Johnson Controls Universal Valve Module