Top 5 Favorite Breakout Sessions from the 2018 HARDI Conference:

1. Attracting & Retaining the Best: A Panel of Young Industry Starts

"Do you have 1 employee you wish you could clone? Professional HVAC recruiter Steffan Bush will moderate a panel of talented young employees. In this session, wehope to discover the reasons why high-quality employees are choosing this industry, what keeps them happily here, and how you can replicate these conditions to attract and keep more stars in your local market. Moderator: Steffan Busch, Panelists: Alex Meslam, Alex Rodriguez, Jessica Vanhuss, Stevenson Johnson."

2. Artificial Intelligence, Aamazon Business 7 the Future of Distribution

"Ian Heller, a 30-year veteran of wholesale distribution and President of MDM, will talk about how new technologies and competitors are disrupting the industry and forcing traditional firms to change - and fast. From AI to predictive analytics to responding to Amazon Business, distributors must combine emerging technologies and traditional strengths to protect and build market share in the future."

3. Contented Cows Give Better Milk: People...Your Profit

"Creating a focused, engaged, and capably led workforce is one of the best things you can do for your company's bottom line. So it's no coincidence that some of the best places to work - large and small - also happen to be among the most profitable. Richard Hadden, co-author of Contented Cows STILL Give Better Milk, helps business leaders make the connection between people practices and profit performance."

4. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality: What They Mean for HVAC Wholesalers

"Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual relaity (VR) generate serious hype. Optimists laude them as more important than the invention of electricity or the advent of television. But pessimists liken AI and VR to the dangers of nuclear weapons or yet another gadget collecting dust in the drawer, respectively. The reality is somewhere in between. As entrepreneurs who work on the frontlines of AI and VR, Charlie and Mohammed take you inside these technological innovations and - importantly - cut through the hype and explain what they mean for wholesalers. With interactive demos and plain language, they will help you understand the immediate implications for your business and the long term potential consequences for the sector."

5.  HARDI's Control Council & Supplier Council Present: Blueprint for Evolution

"A panel of  5 channel 'experts' will discuss their experiences with adopting recent technologies, the evolutionary advances with those products/services and their vision of the future.

Moderator: Tom Roberts, cfm Distributors

Supplier Panelists: Karen Meyers, Craig Johnson

Distribution Panelists: Cameron Perkins, Dan Benischek

Master Distributor: John Neustadt"