"Recent Cyber Security Notice from US Government:

A few customers have contacted us regarding a new security notification from a department of the U.S. government. This notice discusses Niagara Fox Protocol cyber vulnerabilities from different generations of product – issues that have been addressed in Niagara security updates and fixes for some time. As the U.S. government typically coordinates with us on such notices, we are following up to validate. While we await response, we wanted to remind you that it is always critical for those running the Niagara Framework to keep software versions up-to-date with all issued security patches, as you would with any operating system. It is also important that every organization’s network is secured. These are some of the main points of the security notification that is being circulated, and on these points, we are all in agreement. That there are many who don’t install software updates is of concern to the entire industry.

You can count on Tridium to be vigilant in assessing, testing and communicating about the cyber security of our products. We count on our go-to-market partners and end customers to keep pace with us on the journey to making the buildings and industrial systems they oversee as cyber secure as possible. Thanks for all your efforts in this mission that tasks every stakeholder to be aware and proactive."

Please Contact Us for assistance in updating your Niagara software.