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Building Controls Group is Celebrating 5 Years!

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Urban Growler Brewing Company
2325 Endicott Street, St. Paul, MN 55114

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Viconics Room Comfort Controllers: VT8000 & VT7000 Series
Viconics room controllers bridge the gap between the cost of stand-alone thermostats, and the performance of DDC systems, by simplifying installation and commissioning, to control Rooftop units, fan coil units, terminal units and heat pump applications, for commercial facilities in a wide variety of industries such as: Retail, Healthcare, Hotels, and Education. VT7000 is simply the most cost-effective option on the market, and the VT8000 gives the power to choose for the customers who need more. Read more about Viconics Room Comfort Controllers
 Announcing the new Johnson Controls® Venturi Valve and Fume Hood Controls product families 
On April 9, 2018 Johnson Controls® acquired Triatek, a leading manufacturer of critical environment controls systems and lighting control panels. We are excited to announce the immediate availability of the Johnson Controls Venturi Valve product family based on the legacy and proven Triatek design. Venturi Valves are a critical component of laboratory and healthcare controls systems powered by Johnson Controls. Similar to dampers or VAV boxes, Venturi Valves meter the flow of air. However, to meet the speed, accuracy, and leakage constraints of typical critical spaces, such as, laboratories and operating rooms, Johnson Controls Venturi Valves have the following unique features and benefits: Factory calibration across a wide range of static pressures, either medium (0.6 inWC to 3 inWC) or low (0.3 inWC to 3 inWC).  Read more about Johnson Controls Venturi Valves

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VYKON Edge Controller 10 
The VYKON Edge Controller 10 is our first IP-based IO controller that harnesses the full power of the Niagara Framework® at the edge. By running Niagara at the edge, systems integrators can reduce training costs, learning curves and proprietary tools with an industry standard framework. In addition, they can take advantage of new and improved workflows that will save on installation time and maintenance costs. Read more about the Vykon Edge Controller 10

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Tosibox Lock 500 
TOSIBOX® Lock 500 is a high-end connectivity device bringing unprecedented possibilities for customers to manage their operations and to build new IoT solutions. The Lock 500 is ideal for demanding industrial environments and opens up new opportunities in security and office networking sectors. The new Lock 500 is compatible with all existing TOSIBOX® products. Modularity of the products enables easy and fast extension of networks. Read more about the Tosibox Lock 500

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