BAScontrol Toolset Updated

Contemporary Controls BAScontrol Toolset Updated

"The free BAScontrol Toolset provided by Contemporary Controls consists of three applications that can be used to program, configure, backup and emulate our Sedona capable devices. You can emulate our Sedona control devices right on your PC using the BASemulator, configure and program them using Sedona Application Editor with easy graphical programming, as well as backup and restore between real...
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Wireless BACnet Compliant Thermostat

Contemporary Controls Wireless BACnet-Compliant Thermostat

"The popular BASstat BACnet-Compliant Thermostat is now available with WiFi. The BACnet/IP Wi-Fi thermostat has a B-ASC device profile for effortless integration into BACnet/IP networks using a Wi-Fi connection. The thermostat is suitable for single or multi-stage heating, cooling, and ventilation binary control applications such as RTU or AHU. Configurable control algorithm parameters allow adaptability to your specific application. Multi-stage...
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Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls Valves and Actuators Catalog 2019

The Johnson Controls Valves and Actuators Team has released an updated product catalog. New updates to the catalog This new catalog includes exciting new products such as: · The Patented 270° VG1600 Series Six-Way Forged Brass Ball Valves with a factory or field-mounted VA9905 Series Electric Non-Spring Return Actuator. Upgrade your fan coil or chilled beam today! Videos are available...
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Viconics Wifi Comm. Card

Viconics Wifi Communications Card: VT8000 Series Controllers

Schneider Electric/Viconics recently released Wi-Fi communications for the SE/VT8000 series controllers. Wi-Fi communications will allow the 8000 Series controllers to communicate with Wi-Fi routers. From the Wi-Fi routers, alerts and e-mail notifications can be sent out for small or stand alone applications, or connected to a BMS via BACnet IP in larger systems that have a Supervisory device in place...
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Easy IO Webinar Kit Management Webinar

A new webinar is scheduled for May 30 on Kit management. Topics include: • New Project / New Firmware • Existing Project / New Firmware • Existing Project / Old Firmware Get Registered on the EASY IO Website
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NS-8000 Sensors

Johnson Controls Introduces the NS8000 Series Network Sensor

The new NS8000 Series Network Sensor models monitor temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and include passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensing. The modern enclosures in black or white design themes are available in three styles: • LCD fixed segment display: View zone temperature, RH, CO2, occupancy status, and adjust the zone temperature setpoint and fan speed. These models have the capability to...
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