Johnson Controls EMCOMMS and EMPULSE electrical energy sub-meters

Johnson Controls Introduces: EMCOMMS and EMPULSE Electrical Energy Meters

The Johnson Controls® EMCOMMS and EMPULSE electrical energy sub-meters are the ideal solution for performance contracting jobs, large equipment applications, for example, chillers, or any electrical load where the total installed cost previously proved a barrier to implementing metering. This new meter represents a significant shift in how electrical meters are deployed since no enclosure is needed to house the...
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E-Instruments Mobile Apps

E-Instruments: QR Code Apps for iOS + Android

Free Apps Available for All Hand-Held E Instruments by Sauermann Combustion and Emissions Analyzers. Quickly Save + Share Combustion and Emissions Reports Using Your Smartphone or Tablet! Download for iOS Downlad for Android  
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Tridium: Please Update Your Niagara Software

"A vulnerability was discovered in Chromium. Niagara-supported releases that are impacted by this vulnerability are Niagara 4.4u2, Niagara 4.6, and Niagara 4.7. Mitigation In addition to updating your system, Tridium recommends that customers with affected products take the following protective steps: • Review and validate the list of users who are authorized and who can authenticate to Niagara. • Allow...
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Tridium: Niagara Web Launcher is Available for Download

"Tridium will announce Web Launcher availability to the Niagara community on May 15, 2019. A short video on the Web Launcher is available here. Oracle announced the end-of-life of Java SE 8 (Standard Edition). Free public updates for commercial users are no longer available. Customers accessing Niagara with the Java Applet/Web Start are impacted by this change. Those who have...
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E-Instruments Combustion Analyzer

E-Instruments: BTU1500-NP Residential & Commercial Combustion Analyzer

Six Tools in One! • Combustion Analyzer for O2, CO, CO2 (Calculates Combustion Efficiency, Excess Air, Losses, CO Air Free) • Ambient Room Air Carbon Monoxide (CO) Leak Detector • Draft Meter (Negative & Positive Draft) • Cracked Heat Exchanger Test Included • Built–In Differential Digital Pressure Manometer • Built–in Differential Thermometer • Full Color Graphic Display • Field Replaceable...
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Johnson Controls

JCI: Facility Explorer FY19 Spring Release

"New IP controllers enable distributors and contractors to more effectively bid on jobs spec'ing IP communication at controller level." What's New? Read the FY19 Facility Explorer release overview. Contact Us today for more information.
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