Viconics Room Controllers: VT8000 & VT7000 series

Viconics room controllers bridge the gap between the cost of stand-alone thermostats, and the performance of DDC systems, by simplifying installation and commissioning, to control Rooftop units, fan coil units, terminal units and heat pump applications, for commercial facilities in a wide variety of industries such as: Retail, Healthcare, Hotels, and Education.

VT8000 or VT7000 Common features:

Easy to install

No need to interrupt operations when installing room controllers. You can re-use existing wiring or communicate wirelessly to sensors and gateways, thereby lowering installation costs and keeping downtime in check.

Precise comfort

Room controllers look like thermostats but work like controllers. They deliver the optimal level of comfort while maximizing savings on energy and operational costs.

Easy to commission

No need for software or other tools. Commissioning is done by configuration through the user interface of the room controller, thereby saving on engineering time and cost.

Powerful control

Get the most out of your HVAC systems with the application-specific control and PID algorithms native to room controllers. You can also optimize your space by using the optional occupancy detection and scheduling features.

Easy to scale

The native connectivity of room controllers enables upstream connection to a wide variety of Building Management Systems (BMS), and downstream connection to wired and wireless sensors.

Significant savings

Room controllers provide an accelerated return on investment with savings at all levels: installation, commissioning, energy optimization, and maintenance.

VT7000 is simply the most cost-effective option on the market. VT8000 gives the power to choose for the customers who need more, including: Several display color schemes to match any décor. Customizable user interface, selectable languages, and advanced BACnet messaging for an unparalleled guest experience. Highlight your brand by uploading a custom standby image or logo on the user interface. Programmable with Lua4RC to modify control sequences, or override inputs and outputs. Read more about the VT8000 or VT7000 on the product comparison guide.